In 1993 we started our journey by making and selling promotional and tourist t-shirts.

Towards the end of the 90's, it was obvious that there was a lack of high quality and aesthetic clothes in the Greek tourist market.

Wanting to fill this gap and create something unique, we searched for excellent raw materials, and did research for color processing and design, innovative for the time.

Thus, in 1998 we presented HISTORY T-SHIRT, t-shirts made with the best Greek cotton, with original prints and special color proposals.

HISTORY T-SHIRT was an instant hit and became, in a very short time, the first choice in the tourism market, something that is still valid today, 22 years later.

In addition, it forced us to deal exclusively with this type of clothing, completely eliminating the promotional t-shirts from our production .

The experience we gained, combined with the know-how we acquired, allowed us to experiment in aging techniques, stone washing, specialized dyes and subversive sewing methods, always using Greek cotton fabrics with a special weaving and finish.

The result of our effort brought to light the MODOUS T-SHIRT presented at the trade show in January 2002 with astonishing acceptance.

Today, hundreds of locations throughout Greece, a small but constantly growing European sales network, but also hundreds of thousands of consumers consider the name MODOUS synonymous with excellent design and high quality.

If it is not the best, it is not MODOUS.